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With new health care laws and an aging population working in tandem to drive the increasing demand for health care services in the United States, the industry needs more doctors and nurses. It also needs more managers and administrators to manage the increasingly complex health care delivery system efficiently. Are you interested in tackling that challenge? Let MHA-Online.org help you prepare yourself with the information you need to find the right MHA degree program for your individual needs and goals.

Some facts about health care administration careers:

  • Health care managers and administrators can find work in an array of health care settings that include hospitals, residential care facilities, nursing homes, clinics, outpatient care facilities and doctor’s offices.
  • Health care managers and administrators brought home a median salary of roughly $89,000 in 2012. This works out to approximately $43 an hour.
  • In 2012, the top 10 percent of professionals working as health care managers and administrators earned a salary in excess of $150,000.
  • Some 300,000 people worked as health care managers and administrators in 2012. Experts predict that number will rise to more than 389,000 by 2012.
  • For the period between 2012 and 2022, the predicted job growth rate for health care management and administration is faster than average at 23 percent, which means professionals in this field will be in high demand.

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