Can I Use My Healthcare Administration Degree Outside the US?

healthcareadminAs global attention to healthcare increases, healthcare administration degrees become a more popular option for students. The benefits of a healthcare administration degree do not stop in your own country, as healthcare administrators are needed around the world. Here is what you need to know about using your healthcare administration degree outside the US.

Why Should I Work Outside the US?

Working in healthcare outside the US has many benefits. First, it allows the individual to get a better picture of healthcare on a global scale. The technologies and procedures are different in countries around the world, and it will be a growth experience to work in a completely different healthcare system. For those who are interested in philanthropy, an experience working in a much less developed country can be rewarding. Taking work or volunteer positions in one of these countries can give insight into how less developed countries cope with their healthcare needs, as well as a chance to make a difference in a struggling healthcare system.

Either way you choose to go, an experience working in a healthcare system abroad will help you to develop as a professional. When you return to the US, you will have valuable experience that will be looked on favorably by hospitals in the US

Requirements for Working in Healthcare Abroad

The requirements for working in healthcare positions vary by country. Some countries will accept your healthcare administration degree from the US, while others will require you to obtain some extra education. It is a good idea to check on the requirements of each individual country before you become attached to the idea of working in that particular country. As you might expect, the countries that have the most impressive health care systems are the ones that are most rigorous about accepting workers from abroad. If you hope to work i a developing country, then your home country degree and experience will often be enough.

Language requirements can also be a barrier to entry into another healthcare system. If you cannot communicate with your patients, this is obviously a big problem for your work performance. Hospitals abroad will vary in the level of language proficiency that they require, but in general you should be able to converse well in the language as well as have a good knowledge of medical terminology in the target language. Self study and language courses can help you prepare for life in the new country, and some schools even offer courses specifically in medical terminology.

The Next Steps in Finding a Job Abroad

If you are truly interested in finding a healthcare administration job abroad, then the next steps would be to research the countries you are interested in. Find out more about their healthcare programs, including their requirements for healthcare professionals. Also, find out more about life in the country to determine if the culture and location would be a good match for you.

When it cmes to finding a healthcare administration job outside of the US, time should be no object. Starting well in advance ensures that you will choose the correct country and facility for you. The process of researching and applying to jobs abroad can be much longer than in the US, so you want to make sure that you start well in advance. With enough effort, you are likely to find an excellent match.

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