Is the GRE Required for Those Wishing to Pursue a Master’s in Healthcare Administration?

All prospective grad students should familiarize themselves with GRE requirements for Master’s in Healthcare Administration before they begin submitting applications. If you are interested in studying Healthcare Administration at a reputable graduate school with high-quality Master’s degree programs, it is important to know the admissions requirements. Master’s degree programs, especially in areas of study that are popular, have very competitive admissions processes where they will review applications and select students with the most potential. Many schools that want to assess whether or not a student is ready for graduate study will have a Graduate Record Exam requirement. Read on, and learn what the GRE tests you on and how to prepare to take the exam.

What is the GRE and Do All Schools Require it?

The GRE is a general graduate test that many students who are pursuing an advanced degree are required to take. Applicants to graduate schools will schedule a test date, visit a local national testing center, and then the scores that the student earns will be sent directly to the schools where the student is applying. This admissions test will cover three different types of questions to ensure that students are competent prior to entering into an advanced program. The areas that are tested include: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. Students who are not confident with their scores can elect to sit for the test again to improve their scores.

It may give you peace of mind to learn that not all Healthcare Administration graduate programs have a GRE admissions requirement. A majority of the programs that have no GRE requirement are conducted entirely online, but there are additional programs with classroom instruction where students may be able to have the requirement waived. You will need to research the requirements of each school individually to determine whether or not you need to submit your GRE scores.

How Early to Take Your GRE

If you are confident that you want to enroll in a Healthcare Administration program after your earn your Bachelor’s but you want to take the program at a school where the GRE is required, it is very important to schedule your exam date in advance. The admissions process, believe it or not, can be a long one. Not only does your application have to be received before deadlines, you also have to have your documentation and your test scores in so that the admissions council can review them. It can take a few weeks for scores to be sent by the ETS. Because of this, it is important to schedule your test months in advance. You can also prepare for your test by reviewing the test-taker’s handbook.

Many people get testing anxiety and will try to do anything to avoid having a test decide their future. While there are reasons to take a program without a GRE requirement, you should only do this if you are close to application deadlines. It is best to prepare to take the test so that you are not limited in the programs that you can enroll in. Learn the GRE requirements for Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and make the right choice.