What are Some Tips for Applying for a Master’s in Healthcare Administration Program?

If you are planning to obtain a graduate level degree in order to enter the field of health care, you may be interested in obtaining tips for applying to a Master’s in Healthcare Administration Program. By reading the information found below, you can access valuable strategies and techniques to employ in order to make yourself the most marketable candidate possible.

1. Research The Program

Every Healthcare Administration Program that you apply to will be different in terms of things such as mission statement, course offerings, faculty, and requirements for entry. In recognizing this principle, you should take the time to carefully research each program that you apply to so that your entire application can be carefully tailored to suit the purpose and outlined requirements of each program that you apply to.

2. Complete An Internship

Typically, the individuals who review graduate-level applications for educational programs are looking for candidates who are passionate about the program they are seeking entry into. Since this is the case, you should give serious consideration to completing an internship. In so doing, you indicate that you have gone out of your way to attain extensive knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare administration. If you are looking for an internship that you can complete, internships.com can provide you with the information you need.

3. Volunteer

Like internships, volunteer work is an excellent thing to document on your application for a Master’s in Healthcare Administration Program. Volunteer work affords you the opportunity to learn more about the field of healthcare administration in a manner that transcends simply mastering reading material. Once the individuals reviewing your application note that you have completed volunteer work in your field of interest, they will likely conclude that you are passionate about the healthcare administration sector and subsequently view you as an ideal candidate for their program.

4. Consider Online Learning Options.

These days, online learning is gaining in prevalence, and for good reason. In addition to affording students scheduling flexibility, online learning programs are often cheaper than degrees earned through the traditional in-class format. Since this is the case, be sure that you consider your online learning options when you begin the application process. Also keep in mind that while employers tend to view online degrees as just as valuable as those earned in the traditional setting, an important infographic entitled “How Do Employers View Online Degrees?” reveals that they look for three things when evaluating the validity of an online learning institution: regional accreditation, a physical campus, and an established brand. Thus if you are planning to complete your degree online, you may want to choose an online program that conforms to the aforementioned criteria. You can also review lists of online school rankings such as “The Top 10 Best Online Master’s in Healthcare Administration Programs (MHA) 2014.”


If you are interested in earning a Master’s in Healthcare Administration degree, you should know that doing so can be the first step towards developing a personally and professionally rewarding career. And by utilizing the tips for applying to a Master’s in Healthcare Administration Program outlined above, you can increase the likelihood that you gain entry into the educational institution that is most appropriate and advantageous for you.

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