MHA Jobs and Salary Prospects

Obtaining a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) is an admirable goal that offers the possibility of landing a job in the field after graduation. Salaries for available positions vary widely, but most people who are working in the field of healthcare administration are able to bring in a comfortable living salary while working full time.

MHA Jobs

People who choose to pursue an MHA degree may expect to work as a healthcare administrator after graduation, but there are actually many other opportunities available to people who have this degree. Healthcare administrator is just one position that can be obtained by a person who has an MHA degree.

Georgetown University notes that healthcare administration can cover many different administrative areas within a healthcare organization. Administrators can concentrate on a specialty including patient care, finance, human resources or marketing. People who have a background in nursing may be able to use an MHA degree to obtain a position in nursing administration.

Bellevue University in Nebraska outlines some of the specific job titles that a graduate can expect to have after obtaining their degree. Examples include patient care coordinator, clinical manager, healthcare consultant and director of radiology.

Healthcare administrators can work in any healthcare facility. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who have an MHA degree can work in hospitals, nursing homes, offices of physicians and outpatient centers. These settings can offer routine or emergency care to patients, and work hours of healthcare administrators depend on the office hours of the healthcare facility in which they work.

Anyone in a healthcare administration position can expect to be responsible for keeping the daily operations of a healthcare facility running smoothly. Typical tasks required of these professionals include writing schedules for other professionals, complying with healthcare regulations, evaluating the efficiency of a facility and keeping the lines of communication open between doctors, nurses and patients.

MHA Salary Outlook

The salary for people who hold an MHA degree tends to be higher than the national average for all jobs. Healthcare administrators make between $51,280 and $144,880. The median salary for people who work in managerial positions in healthcare administration is $84,270. People who manage a higher number of people can expect to be paid more than healthcare administrators working in small offices. The median salary for an administrator in a managerial position in a practice of 26 or more doctors is $150,756.

While there are opportunities to make six-figure salaries in the field of healthcare administration, it is important to be aware that professionals who make these high salaries often work in hospitals that are open at all times. These professionals may be required to work nights, weekends and overnight shifts.

Job growth for people who hold an MHA degree is expected to increase at a rapid rate of 22 percent between the years of 2010 and 2020. Salaries are high for these professionals, and job stability in healthcare administration is better than average. Enrolling in an MHA program in the first step to becoming a successful healthcare administrator.