What Do I Need to Know about Healthcare Administration Accredited Degrees?

Those considering a degree in healthcare administration should become familiar with accredited degree programs. An accredited degree means that you’ll get the best education possible. Several strong accreditation agencies exist, with varying levels of standards for their programs. Here is what you need to know about accredited healthcare administraion degrees.

Types of Accreditation

Healthcare administration degrees can be accredited by several agencies. The strongest ones are those that are accredited by Secretary of the US Department of Education. Another agency whose opinion is valuable is the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Both of these agencies are responsible for evaluating education programs in various topics. The US Department of Education oversees academic programs ranging from early childhood studies to advanced degree studies. The Council on Higher Education manages the quality of all upper level educational programs. A seal of approval from either one of these agencies guarantees that you have found a program with a high level of quality.

There are agencies that work specifically in the field of health studies, as well. The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, or CAHME, is a well recognized agency that evaluates healthcare administration and other health related educational programs. Their accreditations are backed by both the US Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education. An accreditation from CAHME indicates a top notch healthcare administration program. For more information on CAHME, visit the following link: www.cahme.org

Benefits of an Accredited Program

The benefits of seeking an accreditation program are immense. First of all, the quality of these programs are high because they are monitred for quality by several outside sources. In order tomaintain accreditation, the program must continue to achieve at a high level of academic rigor. Completing an accredited program will ensure that you reeive the best healthcare education possible, meaning that your knowledge will be better when you start working with your own patients. Overall, the impact that you can have will be greater if you complete an accredited healthcare administration program.

Not only will the education be of a higher quality, but the facilities will also be of a higher standard. Accreditation programs take into account the type of equipment used, and they make sure that the tools, books, and classrooms are well equipped with the latest materials. This means that you will not miss any of the latest advances in the field, and you’ll be on top of the field when you graduate.

Finally, an accredited program is beneficial because it looks best on a resume. With so much competition in the healthcare administration field, you’ll want to put yourself in the best place possible for when you graduate. Graduates of accredited programs have a leg up when it comes to finding a job in this tough market.

Finding an Accredited Program

When it comes time to choose a healthcare administration program, make sure to check who the program is accredited by. Most schools will list this kind of information in the introduction to their program. A bit of research will help you understand each of the agencies that accredits your chosen program, and then you can make an educated decision about the caliber of the program.

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