What is the Difference Between an MBA in Healthcare Management and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration?

Are you interested in learning about the differences between an MBA in Healthcare Management and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration? If you are interested in working in the growing field of healthcare in management or administration, it is easy to get confused by the degree options that are available to you. Some individuals choose to take the MBA path and earn their MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration. Other individuals will choose university programs in Hospital Management that offer Master’s degrees. If you are not sure which degree is best to accomplish your goals in the field, read on and learn what you need to know.

What Will an MBA in Healthcare Management Prepare You For?

A Master of Business Administration program is an advanced program that focuses on instilling business skills in students. By taking a program with the title MBA, the curriculum that will be covered will emphasize business in the healthcare environment. It will also give students the skills that they need to set the standards for patient care and manage budgets as a Healthcare Manager. With an MBA, you will be ready to rise in the ranks at a quick pace. You can find yourself being promoted from a mid-level administrator to an upper-level manager as you learn new skills that can be applied in real world healthcare environments.

What Will a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration Prepare You For?

A Master’s of Health Administration, also commonly referred to as an MHA degree, is designed for students with the essential knowledge that they will need to work as a manager in a healthcare environment. The major difference between MBA programs and MHA programs is that the MHA program will focus on different areas of study. Rather than focusing strictly on business and management, a MHA program has a more traditional structure and focus on theory and analysis. While the structure of the program does different from that of an MBA program, a MHA program will also prepare you for leadership and management positions in healthcare.

Is There High Demand for MBA or MHA Degree Holders?

Now that you know that the main difference between an MHA and an MBA is the structure of the program, you need to decide if either path is right for you. There are several in-demand careers that you can study to pursue, but it is important to choose a stable sector where there is opportunity for advancement. Based on information published by the American Psychological Association, health reform is opening the gates for healthcare administrators and creating a growing demand. With a Master’s or MBA degree, you can become part of the solution and deal with larger and more complex hospitals.

If you would like to work in healthcare management or administration, the first step is earning the right degree. Decide if you would like to take a terminal degree or a more business-focused degree program first. After you do this, you can start competing for open positions and work your way up. Consider the differences between an MBA in Healthcare Management and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and make the choice that is best for you.

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